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Sea Read directed by Amanda Demme

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If you're inclined toward mind-alteration, or taking the edge off while living on it, there is good news on the music pipeline. Rain Phoenix's rotating, gypsy wanderer encampment that is papercranes will bring on a perfect buzz that will let you operate heavy machinery and explore the dark side without getting drowsy. Hailing originally from Gainesville, Fl the band moved to New York before settling into the small dusty desert town that is Los Angeles.

"We like each other. We like playing music together," Rain tells us. Sure, it's an understatement but the fact is, the whole band likes to keep it simple. Elemental.

They start with modest musical ideas and stream-of-consciousness lyrics, seemingly translucent layers of clarity, and they twist it all into nuanced, mystifying works that call to mind the early purveyors of moody, melodic rock like Luna and Mazzy Star, contrasted by a rawness akin to PJ Harvey or Sonic Youth.

Having been involved in an amazing array of projects, from her brother's band Aleka's Attic, to singing with REM and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, to glamming it up for NYC political cabaret ensemble The Citizens' Band, Rain has cut her teeth in awfully public arenas. Maybe that's why she possesses a preternatural confidence and an almost scary stage presence. To see papercranes live is hardly the same trip as floating through one of their albums, since Rain can wail as well as she can whisper and switch from a sweet smile to an unpredictable, almost tribal trance on stage. Culling together some of L.A.'s most talented musicians, papercranes has quickly found an audience on the west coast. Their songs spiral and swirl out your stereo, as atmospheric as they are delicate further complimented by angry rhythms and aggressive guitars. Wrapped into catchy melodies the lyrics tackle topics like trust, abandonment, nature, loss, need, hope and love.

papercranes are currently based in Los Angeles. In early 2011 they released 'Let's Make Babies in the Woods' on Manimal Vinyl Records. They have just finished 3 concept EP's. Three different 'Babies' from "Let's Make Babies in the Woods".

'First Born', 'Middle Child' and 'Baby' will be available as a box set entitled THREE via Manimal Vinyl in early summer 2012.

You can download the EPs' for free as well as find more info on their website: